the joy of lettuce.

Grown here in Ontario. All year ‘round.

how sweet it is.

Ontario Sweets – a mix of sweet salad greens.

true, north, strong and crunchy.

Northern Crunch – great for smoothies, sandwiches and salads.

your new mane-stay.

Shredded Lion’s Mane Mushrooms – Are they a superfood or just super-delicious? You win either way.

Why people are loving Fieldless

Our produce is sustainably grown nearby, all year long, in a safe, controlled environment. What else? It’s darn delicious. Dig in!

Less field.
More taste.

We’re a bit obsessive about the quality of our greens. You’ll taste the difference.

Safe for you.
And the planet.

Meticulously grown indoors with no pesticides or herbicides. Using renewable energy.

Crunch that lasts and lasts.

Our greens spend less time on the road than those from afar. Which means more time for you to enjoy.

Local produce.
Even when it snows.

Grown indoors in a controlled environment means fresh, tasty produce all year long.

the harvest.

Fieldless news, ideas and other good stuff.

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