it’s a farm.

Boxes of produce

why we grow.

Canada imported $60 billion of food last year. But there are rising issues challenging our foreign food supply. In order to feed growing global populations, in less than 30 years, food production will have to increase by 70% in developed countries and by 100% in developing ones. On top of that, commercial agriculture is a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions, yet extreme weather events are increasingly disrupting agriculture. In short, Canadians rely on other countries to feed us and that needs to change. Read more on our blog.

why it's safe.

All of our Fieldless produce is safe to eat right out of the box, no washing needed. Our controlled environment means no herbicides, no pesticides and no chemical baths, which means you don’t have to worry about them either (which makes us happy). It means we also don’t have to worry about environmental contaminants (like runoff from livestock farms). We are a certified CanadaGAP facility, but we also go well beyond compliance to ensure all our products are safe.

why it's so tasty.

Growing in a totally controlled environment means that we can be fanatical about quality. We are meticulous about our produce and the results speak for themselves. Not needing to wash our greens (see above) or shipping them long distances allows us to grow delicious, tender produce with a long-lasting crisp.

map showing farm location

where we grow.

Our farms are located in Cornwall, Ontario, which is located along the busy corridor between Montreal and Toronto, about an hour east of the nation’s capital. With a climate-controlled environment, and 12-month growing season, one of the most important considerations was being able to get our produce quickly and affordably out to residents in Ontario and Quebec.

We acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.


when we harvest.

All year long! Get ready for delicious, local leafy greens on your dinner plate from January to December.