lettuce introduce ourselves.

Straight outta Cornwall.
Coming to a store near you.

true, north, strong and crunchy.

Northern Crunch is a hearty, sweet crisp lettuce. With a robust crunch and clean, sweet taste, this is a leafy green that kids actually eat (no, we are not joking!). Time to introduce your smoothies, sandwiches, burgers and salads to the crunch from Cornwall!

Shredded Lion's Mane: Your new mane-stays

Lion’s Mane mushrooms have been long used in traditional medicine to support brain function, boost immune health and promote overall well-being. Lucky for us all they taste great too! They have a meaty texture and a mild umami flavour that makes them super versatile. They even make good substitutes for chicken, crab or pork. The mushrooms themselves grow pretty large, so we pre-shed our Lion’s Mane for your convenience. These mushrooms will become a fridge staple in your home!

Test Kale

can’t touch this (yet).

We’re constantly working on new crops and varieties that we can grow consistently at affordable prices. We’ve been growing some test batches of curly kale lately and it has been knocking our socks off. It’s sweet, tender and unlike any kale you’ve had. Occasionally you’ll find small numbers of test crops through the Burrow Shop online. We hope to bring these to a wider audience soon. Stay tuned!